Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Happy Birthday to My Girl

I know I haven't been writing, and I apologize, but you've heard my apologies before.  What can I say (a lot, actually).

I really just wanted to wish my beautiful girl a very happy 4th birthday.

I am sorry she was under the weather today with a bad cough and that I dragged her to the pediatrician downtown.  But I'm glad her Papa got to stay home with us for a breakfast birthday party.

Perhaps I will keep her home tomorrow so she can continue to rest and eat rice crispy squares with her brother and I.

I can't believe the babe is 4. 

Last night she and I looked at pictures from her first week of life.  My huge stomach before I left for the hospital.  Her screaming 9.6 ounce body on the nurses table as she was measured and inspected.  And her swollen little face after she was bundled up in a hat and swaddled in her blanket.  It seems like so long ago now.  But looking at the pictures reminds me that she is still my little one.  She is old, but she is so young. 

Happy birthday my sweet, amazing, beautiful, challenging, wicked smart, and inspiring girl.  You made me a Mother, and I am grateful for every day you have been a part of my life.  I love you.