Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This was my fifth Mother's Day and it is my five year anniversary of blogging here at 24-7 Mommy. I am about to crawl under my covers and say good night, but just had to check in quickly to wish all you amazing Mamas a very Happy Mother's Day. You keep the world turning and the love you give your families is inspiring. I also wanted to thank my little family for all the special things they do. My favorite part of my fifth Mother's Day actually began on Friday afternoon. The babe brought home a white bag with a card tied around it from school. I figured it was a special present she had made and didn't mention it. When we got home she forgot the bag in the car so I carried it into the house and left it in the entry way. When she noticed the bag sitting unattended, she quickly grabbed it and ran upstairs. She didn't say anything about it but I did happen to come across it in her closet later in the day (I swear it was unintentional). Fast forward to 6:20 am today. After being woken up way to early by the little guy, I decided to creep downstairs for some toast before taking advantage of some extra shut eye. I was confronted by my sleepy daughter and her mysterious white bag. "Happy Mother's Day, Mama," she said as she handed me her special gift. I read the very sweet card which included a picture of her on a surfboard on one side and me not on a surfboard on the other side. And inside the bag I found a cookie in the shape of an "M" and a cookie in the shape of a heart. Now how freakin sweet is that? My second favorite part of Mother's Day was my husband giving up his sleep in day so I could enjoy a few extra hours of precious rest. I hope you all got to enjoy some pockets of bliss today. You deserve it.