Monday, August 12, 2013

I Heart Back-to-School Shopping!

I will not and can not deny it. I really dig back-to-school shopping!

And lucky me...I just got to write up a little article on it for LearnVest: Back-to-School Shopping: How to Spend Under $50 - Backpack Included!

I almost bought the discounted backpack...even though I didn't need it (I mean, my kids didn't need it, of course). I managed to resist the lure of online shopping...this time.

Hope you're having as much fun as I am dreaming of back-to-school. After a looong (which should, by the way, be a word) summer, it's just around the corner! YAY for school!

A Better To-Do List

Here's my newest LearnVest article on to-do lists: 4 Ways to Make a Better To-Do List

I learned a few things from both the experts and "normal" folks who were brave enough to share their real to-do lists with me (thank you!).

Hope it helps you out a bit, too!