Monday, September 24, 2007

Saying Goodbye

I always cry like a baby when she leaves. This past Friday my mom boarded the shuttle bus to Dulles airport after a 5 day visit. One minute she was playing with her only grandchild and the next minute she was gone. It always happens that way. The time she spends with us goes by so quickly and all of a sudden the babe and I are alone again. I must admit I felt extremely lonely as I waited for my husband to come home from work that night.

It's tough when you don't live in the same city as your loved ones. It never used to be a real issue for me, but now that I have a baby, I am really missing having family (especially my mom) close by. I'm glad they are willing to make the trek to DC and I'm grateful the babe and I have survived a few successful trips up North ourselves. It's just not the same as being able to drop by for Sunday brunch or to have a trusted babysitter available when you need one.

I've now realized the babe may one day feel the way I did as I watched the shuttle bus drive away. The mother-daughter bond is pretty intense. Much has been written about it, and for good reason. It is a complex yet simple love thick with layers of strong emotion.

My husband will frequently comment on how much the babe loves me. He will remind me that I am pretty much everything to her. On most days that will give me the warm fuzzies. I love being her sun and moon and stars. She is certainly these things to me.

Just as I am a new mother, my own mother is a new grandmother. My mom says she can't really describe how wonderful it is. Her time with the babe is precious. I guess that's why it breaks my heart when the babe and I have to say goodbye to her. There's just something special about having three generations of mother-daughter love together, if only for a short while.


Kimberly Palmer said...

christine- you're blog is so amazing. it makes me get all teary reading some of the posts!!! You are such a good writer and so honest... it's really great that you share this with others.

Puja said...

Hey there:)
It sucks... I just got back from visiting Mum up north. The drive was MUCH better than the plane trip. However, after only about 3 days of spending time with Mum, and then having to leave quickly because the babe was bigtime fussy and wouldn't sleep, the quick goodbye got me when we were on the highway. While I was in the middle of my quiet crying fit, the babe just stared at me. I hate leaving my mom, or the other way around. Even though Mum will probably not see me cry, since I'll do that later when she's not around, I know she knows it's hard for me too. I hate to think that one day that will be my babe and I and I know she will probably do as I do... cry quietly after I see her leave with a smile on her face.