Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Day

I got in my Mom's car at about 7:45 this morning to drive to my documentary course in Gatineau, Quebec. I was tired (up with the babe at 5:30 am) and as I mentioned yesterday, nervous. I turned on the CD player unsure of what I'd find (as I mentioned, it's my Mom's car). "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones came blasting out as I hit the road. Sticky Fingers ended up being the perfect sound track for my morning commute.

So, I wanted to report on a few things:
  • it appears as though my brain is still working and I am still able to interact with adults regarding non-child related matters
  • I am having no trouble being away from the babe during working hours (yippee)
  • the babe is apparently enjoying hanging with her Grandparents. She did a few trips to the park, a two hour nap, and some gardening in the back yard. She asked for me a few times, but nothing serious (I would have actually been offended if she hadn't asked for me). Not bad for her first full day away from Mom and Dad.
  • to follow up on the babe's speaking progress, she can now say her name (although she misses the "r"). If you ask her what her name is, she will announce it to you proudly. It's very cute.
Anyway, today was an exciting first. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! On your own for more than a day! Glad to hear things went smoothly... Sounds like the little one is growing up! So proud of you for doing this for yourself! Also glad to hear the brain still works...I worry about mine working when it is time to return to the real world!

Anonymous said...

I know you are now thinking, how great it would be to always have the family around as a support structure. You live in DC girlfriend and you will get the green card and you will develope another support structure. It all works out in the long run. Miss you and I'm proud of you.