Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to School

I never thought we'd make it to September 7th, but we did.

On our last full day together, I decided to take the kids to the Museum of Natural History to see how the dinosaurs are doing (they're fine, by the way).  We had a great time and I felt like a good Mama for getting off my posterior and driving downtown in the rain.

Wednesday morning rolled around and we were all ready to go.  Everyone but the little guy.  He knew we were bringing his sister to school and wasn't ready to say good bye to his summer play mate. 

The school was complete mayhem with parents and little people crowding every available space.  There were a lot of new faces floating around, including 2 new teachers in the babe's classroom.  We got my little girl situated and said our farewells.  She appeared to be thrilled to be back in her class and immediately started touring around with one of her best gal pals.  Very cute.

What wasn't cute was the little guys sad face.  As soon as we said good bye to the babe, the little guy started pouting, "I miss Coco, I miss Coco."  I suppose after spending 7 weeks straight with his big sister he was not prepared to go back to the old boring routine with Mama.

As we left the building I had a big smile on my face.  Despite the fact that the little guy was sad, I was happy.  I noticed a pregnant woman and her husband standing outside the school.  He was rubbing her back and she was staring in the school window crying.  I stopped for a second and wondered what was wrong with me.  Is that the kind of reaction I'm supposed to be having?  After a moment's reflection, I remembered that I'm just not that kind of Mama...I am the kind of Mama that smiles after dropping off her child at preschool.  Granted, it is her third year, but I am pretty sure I did not shed a tear after dropping her off for her very first day. 

Anyway, the little guy survived the separation and the next day he got to visit his new classroom and meet his teacher.  It went smashingly well and he seemed right at home.  He starts school 2 mornings a week this Tuesday and I think we're both ready.  We'll see if I'm shedding tears on Thursday when I leave him there on his own for the first time.  Somehow I don't think I will be.  After 5 years of full time Motherhood, this temporary freedom will no doubt be a delicious treat to be savored.

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Mamabeing said...

Ha ha. I think of myself as "that kind of mama" that cries over those things but with preschool, I really just feel happy and excited, for him and for me, because it seems like the right time for both of us. Maybe that mama was just preggo. I cry over everything when pregnant. Glad you are comfortable being who you be! I've been thinking lately that in spite of all parenting advice and philosophy, we still have to find how that fits with who we are, and be ourselves as mothers. Glad you are back on your blog. Love you!