Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whoops - Happy Mother's Day!

I missed Mother's Day.  Well, I didn't miss it in my life, I missed it on my neglected blog.

I actually think that says something about how far I've come as a Mom.

I used to come here to offload and share the joys and frustrations of this wacky adventure called Motherhood. But I think I've actually become so comfortable with motherhood at this point, that I don't automatically think of running to my blog to help me sort through my gazillions of non-stop parenting issues.

This Mother's Day I was able to:
  • sleep in, 
  • enjoy coffee and chocolate croissants, 
  • gush over hugs, kisses, beautiful hand made cards and other thoughtful creations, 
  • and to take off for the day to the outlet mall (something I rarely do).  I had a free pass and was able to focus on just me - and it was delicious.
After a glorious and simple adventure (even driving alone for an hour is a joy), I returned home all bright and cheery. The second I walked in the door I discovered that the babe had been throwing up all day.

My amazingly thoughtful husband, not wanting to ruin my special day, didn't desperately call, email or text me to let me know. He wanted to allow me the time alone and knew he could handle the vomiting six-year-old solo.

I started writing this blog in 2007 when I was so completely overwhelmed by the realities of new motherhood (check out my first ever blog post, Mother's Day 2007). Frankly, there is NO WAY I would have been able to outlet shop with a sick kid at home back then.

So other than the amazing one day get away and sweet cards and kisses, what I really got this Mother's Day was a reminder of how much we have grown as a family, and a confirmation that my husband and I have finally settled into our roles as parents. What an amazing Mother's Day gift.

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