Thursday, June 28, 2007


I never thought I'd have so many injuries from having a baby (beyond all the birthing stuff-that's another story altogether). I am always covered in weird marks and bruises. I was at my husband's office summer party last Sunday and someone commented on the bruises on my shins. Slightly embarrassing, right? But I have a good reason. I was multi-tasking and walked into the dishwasher door which I had left open to promote the drying process. I told my husband's colleague's wife that I had walked into the dishwasher door, as if this is something that happens every day. She replied that I must be pretty tired. Ya think? She doesn't have children.

I've always had sensitive skin, so the bruising thing is no big surprise. My daughter has gotten pretty good at hitting, pinching and kicking me. Of course she doesn't mean it (so my husband keeps reminding me). I had one eye ball kicked today, and the other poked. I'm also getting pretty used to being kicked in the wind pipe. I've learnt that pinching can leave pretty funny little bruises. So can having a baby bounce on your lap when you're in your bathing suit with no protection from little toes.

In my previous life of sitting in front of a computer at the office all day, I never experienced the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. Guess what I have now diagnosed myself with? I am carrying around an almost 15 pound baby all day. This is apparently much tougher on my wimpy wrists than typing. I now have one of those fancy $20.00 wrist brace thingies which I wear in the house. It gets taken off and put back on a million times a day because babies like to pull Velcro things and to spit food. I also need to wash my hands a lot.

My back is another story. I finally went and had my Mother's Day massage last Saturday. I paid a man in a spa almost $100 to massage my aching back for an hour. It was awesome. But the pain returned the next day (which was the office party). Not only was the pain back, but my shoulder muscle felt slightly bruised. Having only had 4 massages in my life, I'm not sure if that's normal? All I know is I'd happily accept an hour long massage on a daily basis. I really need to start doing yoga again. I'm going to break soon if something doesn't change.


Gimmiegot said...

Back problems often stem from not having a strong enough core. Sounds silly but when your ab muscles aren't strong enough your body over compensates elsewhere. You poor poor thing.

andrew said...

Hola Christine,

I enjoy reading your blog. I have put on my favourites.

as an fyi, google just bought, which is a site for doing pretty much everything and the kitchen sink for blogs - and it is free as of last week.

Love ya.