Friday, June 19, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Up to the Attic You Go

You'll be proud of me. I finally packed up the co-sleeper in our room. I guess I just had to be ready, which means I had to be sufficiently tired of scooting to the end of the bed to get out of it, and sick of banging my arms and legs on the side of the co-sleeper in the middle of the night.

The kids and I did a photo shoot to capture the beauty that is our co-sleeper. I then unhooked it, took off the sheets for the last time, tried to break it down and failed, and hauled it into the attic still fully assembled. It really cleared up some space and made getting out of bed way easier last night.

The funny thing is that my husband didn't even notice it was gone. We all get attached to different things, and for me it was definitely the thing that kept my new babies close to me at night.

Farewell to my beloved co-sleeper.

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Anonymous said...

Here's to moving forward and not looking back! Cheers!!