Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Much to Say

Where does the time go? All I can say is that neither of my kids like the computer. I'll admit I can get easily sucked into its charms. I think about blogging every day, but after briefly checking email and whatever other nonsense I deem "critical" (like online banking), there is no time left for my dear blog. As most of you are my friends and family, I know you won't hold it against me!

So, a belated Father's Day! We had a lovely Sunday which included blueberry pancakes, a trip to Rock Creek Park to visit the horse stables and Nature Center, lounging on the porch reading while both kids took a nice long nap, and some BBQ action before an early bed time for all. Thanks to my hubby and all the very awesome Daddies out there who make our world turn.

We've been tackling potty training around here, big time. We have a (free) potty training chart taped next to the toilet and we put 1 sticker up for pee pee and 2 stickers up for poop. It's going fairly well. Although some days are certainly better than others. It is an extremely trying and messy business which requires more patience than I have. But it has to be done, and I'll admit the feeling of pride I have after the babe has a nice poop on the potty is pretty hard to beat! To celebrate the Fourth of July weekend we are going all the way and will be putting the babe into real panties. No more diapers and no turning back (well, pull ups when we travel next month are acceptable). I decided on doing the big switch over the long weekend for the back-up support my husband will be able to provide as I know it's going to be intense. I will keep you posted.

In other news, the little guy is 6 months old today. I cannot believe it. I am thrilled and sad at the same time. In many ways, Christmas Eve feels like a zillion years ago and I can't imagine our life without him. In other ways I can close my eyes and easily remember when it was just the babe and I, and part of me misses that as well. Balancing between 2 kids is trickier than I imagined, but it's all worth it. The little guy continues to be scrumptious and I am so looking forward to watching him grow. Happy half year!

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