Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back Home

Last Sunday the 23 day trip to Canada came to a close. Driving home from the airport with my family, I was amazed at how beautiful Washington, DC is. The grass so green, the water so blue, the joggers so healthy, the beach volleyball players so fit and fun looking. I don't think I have ever been so happy to get back home. And that's what it felt like....home.

The past month has seen a lot of exciting developments. The little guy survived the arrival of his 2 bottom front teeth (about 2 weeks ago) and started to scootch backwards (the pre-crawl) a few days ago. The babe has developed a superior sense of logic and can now direct her parents to their nightly duties ("mama gives me a bath and papa can go clean the kitchen"). We went to 2 splendid weddings, visited with many, many loved ones, and witnessed the blossoming of a beautiful friendship between 2 little girls (the babe and her cousin from Montana).

Since we've been home we've been trying to get ourselves back in a routine. Sadly the little guy's night sleep is completely messed up (after sharing a room and torturing me with a kazillion wake ups a night for over a week). There has been an unfortunate amount of crying and lack of sleep at night around here. I suppose time and persistence will get us back on track.

The babe has been having trouble being alone with just her brother and I. After so many days of so many people, it is tough to come back to a quiet house. I am unable to constantly entertain her and she's not so happy with that. It has made the days long and sometimes painful. The ridiculous summer heat and humidity has not helped matters.

On Wednesday I had surgery for the removal of my 2 skin cancer problems. That has made things more challenging as little kids need moms who can move around freely and aren't in pain. It would also help the healing process if I was able to sleep at night. It's funny how things change so much when you become a Mother. Before I was a Mom, I would have just hung out in bed reading, watching movies and sleeping while I recovered from my minor surgery. But there's no rest for the 24-7 Mommy, even after you've had some chunks of cancerous skin removed. At least it's done and we can move on now (other than the 2 follow-up appointments hanging over my head).

So I will continue to try and get things back in order, get rest and keep my sanity. However, there is only a week left before it will all change again. Preschool begins September 2nd and I think I'm ready...I just hope the babe is as ready as I am. Needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating the Fall.

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