Monday, January 18, 2010

One More Entry

OK, I honestly thought that about 99% of the people who actually read my blog are my friends and family. People who I wish I spoke to more, but never manage to actually speak with on a regular basis. My blog is just a way to keep my peeps in the know.

So, after turning my blog pink (on a most likely temporary basis), I scanned down the page and saw that I had 11 "followers." What the %$^&#*#!##$??

That is SO COOL! I don't know who all these people are, but they actually took the time to become a "follower" and I am so excited by that!

As I've mentioned in the past, I blog in my head all day, every day. It's just that I have trouble getting the "head blogging" to translate to "on the computer blogging." And not to offend my friends and family, but I figure they understand my long silences and if they want to chat or catch up they'll shoot me an email or give me a call.

But the fact that there are people I don't know following my motherhood rambles makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It also makes me feel like I owe it to everyone to actually write more.

If I sound like a conceited lunatic, let me know, but really I just want to say thanks. Thanks for reading.

The little guy is awake...nap time over and back to reality.


Catherine Ryan said...

it's on my "daily" it. XC

Kristen said...

Too funny. I feel the same way. I figured only my mom was reading mine! I have 4 followers, you'd think I'd won the lottery! I found your blog searching for "mom" under blogspot. Keep blogging! :) And know you're not alone in the 24/7 mommy world!