Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not In the Clear

At the beginning of November, I fed the little guy a bit of formula with dairy. He broke out in a rash and got some hives on his face. I assumed he was allergic to dairy like his sister, despite the fact the skin test last summer had indicated he was not.

I made an appointment with the allergist for January. When we got back from the Holidays a few weeks ago, the little guy went in and had some blood testing done. The results came in last Friday.


I was elated. A child without food allergies. What a joy!

I was instructed to go ahead and give the little guy some cow's milk (keep in mind I have been waiting to wean him until I knew what the test results were).

This morning I gave him 10 ml of milk (in a syringe to make sure he actually got some). He drank it back fine.

Within a few minutes his face turned red, swollen looking and a lot of little hives sprung up all around his mouth. My heart sunk.

Apparently blood tests aren't as accurate as I had thought.

I gave the little guy some Benadryl and he cleared up in half an hour. I spoke with a nurse at the allergist and will chat with the doc tomorrow.

Next step is soy milk, I suppose. But now I'm nervous that may not work. I suppose I will just take it step by step. Perhaps both my kids were destined for soy.

More to come...

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