Monday, July 16, 2012

The Stories Stuck in My Head

Greetings!  I have logged on to explain my recent absence.  The little guy has been done "school" and home with me full-time since mid-May (about the time of my last post).  He is not a fan of watching me write, and I am not a fan of plopping him in front of the TV while I write.  This means, I do not write.

You may recall I have no ability to write/focus/make sense in the evenings.  As such, I have sadly been unable to share all the stories stuck in my head with you.  All I can do is ask for your patience this summer as I muddle through my least favorite D.C. season with my kiddies.  I will be back at it with gusto come September when the little guy enters preschool five mornings a week.  Until then, I will try and share some periodic updates from the front lines of summer parenting.  Hope you're all doing well out there!

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