Thursday, August 9, 2012

14 Days and Other Things

It's official.  We have made it to the other side.  This side is a beautiful place to be.  This side includes no diapers, only underwear.  After 5.5 years of diapers, we are done.  I can say this because it's been 14 days since the little guy wore a day time diaper and 2 nights since he wore a night time diaper.  The freedom is setting in.

Some of the awesome benefits of having NO kids in diapers:

  • We will have more money 
  • I will not need to carry as much stuff around (back-up underwear is lighter and smaller)
  • I will  not have to clean stinky, mushy, poopy diapers anymore
  • I will no longer be polluting mother earth with my kids disgusting diapers (I was really feeling guilty about that)
  • My son's garbage can/room won't stink like stale pee diapers
  • I can finally get rid of those nasty Diaper Genies 
  • We will have more closet space as I will no longer be buying boxes of diapers at Costco
  • Can I still carry around a diaper bag?  They fit a lot of stuff and come in really handy.  I have a secret obsession with diaper bags and don't think I'm ready to move on.

It is safe to say my little man has grown up a lot this summer.  First he was the "ring boy" at my brother's amazing wedding at the end of May (an awesome responsibility for any 3-year-old).  Next he moved from his toddler bed into a big boy twin bed (we now preface everything with "big boy").  More recently he quit his pacifier cold turkey.  And as of 2 weeks ago, the little man is diaper-free.  Wow!  I hate to say it, but my kid is growing up fast!

Sometimes I just want to document the amazing progress of my offspring on this blog because I'm afraid I will forget when all these milestones happened.  I am amazed at how much child-rearing related information I have already managed to blank out on, but I take a certain amount of comfort from the fact that I will always have this blog to look back on and remember the crazy ride that has been raising my children.

So that's it, consider all the little guy's "summer 2012" progress officially documented.

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