Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

I've always had a special place in my heart for the tooth fairy.  There's just nothing bad about her.  She is magic and she makes kids happy.  I may have trouble lying about Santa, but a big part of me still believes in the good 'oll tooth fairy.

And last night she paid my family a visit for the very first time.

The babe has been playing with her first lose tooth for the past three months.  She has asked me countless times when it will come out.  I have replied that I can't really tell her when it will happen because it's up to her body.  I did, however, offer to tie a piece of string to her tooth, attach the string to a door knob and slam the door for her, but for some reason she wasn't down with that.

Last night as she watched a pre-bath episode of Max and Ruby, she managed to yank the cute little tooth out.  She ran into the kitchen bursting with excitement and waving her tooth around in a state of shock.  She was sporting a noticeable gap in the front lower section of her sweet smile.  I picked her up and twirled her around for a few minutes sharing in her absolute joy.  It was really cool to be a part of the experience and I was so glad I was with her when her first tooth came out.

I have kept my childhood tooth fairy pillow all these years.  I had it stowed away safely for my first born child.  But a few months ago I took it out to show the babe and after that it was swallowed into the abyss of our home.  Guess what we couldn't find last night?  That's right; the pillow I have safely kept for over 20 years.

No worries.  We set out the babe's original hand knit (by my Mom) baby blanket and placed the tooth in a little plastic container for safe keeping.  We set everything up neatly on her bed side table.  My husband, who was working late, packed up his stuff and came home as soon as we called him with the good news.  He made it back in time to share in the excitement of our daughter's first lost tooth.  Good Papa.

In the end, the tooth fairy left out a US dollar bill, a US quarter, a US dime, a US nickel, a US penny AND a Canadian (CDN) loonie, a CDN quarter, a CDN dime, a CDN nickel and a CDN penny.

I awoke to the sound of the babe dumping out her tooth fairy stash on our bed.  The kid was seriously thrilled.  For a moment, I believed right along with her that the tooth fairy had dropped by while we were all sleeping.

She has another lose tooth, so we may be having some more chats about fairies and international currency soon.    

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