Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids With Food Allergies

I just saw this video on You Tube and it made me sad. I really hope the babe out grows her food allergies...

The official food allergy list currently includes:
  • peanuts
  • eggs
  • dairy
  • soy (even though our allergist said it was OK to continue giving her soy milk and tofu dogs as she doesn't seem to be showing any reaction. How weird is that??)
  • I've added on tomatoes as the babe gets super itchy and a little kooky when she eats them (but she sadly seems to love them all the same)
  • She has also been told to avoid all seafood (for now) and sesame

We're working on avocados this week. So far so good. Grapes were our most recent successful addition. As our approved list continues to grow, I'm sure this will all get easier. I just continue to try and balance caution with some semblance of a level head. It's just scary stuff .

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Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago I found out my eight-month-old daughter is allergic to eggs. A few weeks ago, after having soy formula, we discovered she is allergic to soy. We also live in the DC area and have decided to take her to Dr. Robert Wood at Johns Hopkins who is an expert in treating kids with food allergies (he also wrote Food Allergies for Dummies). I now give her probiotics and pray every day. My big question is: what is going on in our environment? Many of my neighbors have kids with food allergies.