Monday, March 24, 2008

Seven Places

I can't find Easter Cream Eggs ANYWHERE. After my yoga class yesterday, I went to three places looking for them. On our afternoon walk, I went to another four. They are nowhere to be found.

I called my Mom and asked her to bring me some when she comes to DC next month.

We are off to Mommy and Toddler workout class in the burbs this morning, so I may pop into a few more stores.

It was just not a real Easter without my cream eggs.


Anonymous said...

I nearly died laughing when I read your I CAN'T FIND CREAM EGGS! Hilarious! Especially after reading what a rough week it was for you. I'm glad your mom is coming to visit. I was walking through central park thinking of you yesterday. I was a nice day and they had an easter egg hunt.
miss ya! and I'm glad mom & daughter are doing better.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Chris now you got me wanting one too.. and there is no hope is hell that I will find one over here. Do you think they will still be selling them in July?
"wise cousin"

Christine Ryan Jyoti said...

Just an update. I went to four more places on Wednesday and two on Tuesday. That's 13 places total. Did I find even one Easter Cream Egg? NO!!!! My Mom has picked some up for me and will bring them to DC in a few weeks. Thank God for Mommies!