Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not a Morning Person

The babe has been on an early morning kick of late. It's driving me crazy as I am seriously not an early morning person. I am telling myself it is just a phase.

As I stumbled downstairs this morning (she was up at 5:45 am), I came across a Wall Street Journal article my husband had left out for me (Can a Night Owl become a Morning Lark?). It was certainly interesting reading, and made me feel like perhaps I should somehow embrace getting up with the birds.

What do you do when your children get up at the crack of dawn? Advice is welcome!


Anonymous said...

You know what's funny about Ajay leaving you that article. The man stays awake until all hours of the night. We all do become morning people eventually. You never see anyone in their 50's or 60's sleaping in. It's a natural progression of our lives I think.

Anonymous said...

She is still a bit young but soon the evil TV is your friend. Have some choise films that are reserved for early mornings when mommy and Daddy want to sleep a bit longer.