Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fan

Family weddings used to involve some wine drinking, lots of catching up with people, and pulling out the moves on the dance floor. They now involve water drinking, brief moments of catching up with people while being repetitively interrupted by children, and dancing with toddlers (which is still pretty darn fun). Congratulations to my cousin and his beautiful bride. It was a lovely weekend which was well worth getting back to Canada for. We also managed to fit in a morning at a friend's lake side cottage which was a serious taste of the good life.

Since I've been home I have, however, been haunted by our burning fan. While at the cottage I was looking at pictures of our friend's new granddaughter. While gazing at the sweet little one, I recognized a white fan in the back of the photo and got a chill. It appeared to be the same version as ours, but the desk top variety. I warned our hosts and asked that they pass along the message to their son, the new Dad. While I was at it I also said they should tell him to install a smoke detector in the baby's room. I have started telling everyone I meet, especially those I am close to.

The second sighting was last night at my sister's place. She and I had just gotten back from an overnight trip with the little guy. I had decided to make a pit stop and feed my screaming son to make the rush hour trip back to my folks place a little more pleasant. I plunked down on her couch and looked next to me. It was a black oscillating fan, exactly the same as our white oscillating fan. Again, another big chill came over me. I let her know and asked her to be careful.

We have not been able to locate the company that sells this fan. It says "Super" on the front of it and I am sure it must be sold by a Canadian company (I have only seen them here). My mission while I am back is to track down the company so we can contact them to let them know about the fire and to share pictures of the melted fan with them. If anyone out there is familiar with the fan, feel free to share the info with me.

I am sure fans in general will continue to freak me out for years to come, but for now, if your fan says "Super" on the front, beware as it may not be so super.


Anonymous said...

I am telling everyone I know too....and I have been scared to have the fan on when Ardan is alone in the room since I read your story. I had wondered if it was the fan or the wiring in your place so I'm glad to hear that you've narrowd it down. Definitely, if you can get pics of the fan, post them on your blog. Not super at all.

Christine Ryan Jyoti said...

I should have mentioned to everyone that we had an electrician come by and check things out right after the fire. It was caused by the fan, not our wiring.