Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potty Stories

I'll keep this one brief. Be warned that it's a little detailed if you're not interested in poop and pee pee.

While I was on my awesome one night get away with my sis and the little guy, my folks took a shot at potty training with the babe (it was my second night away from her ever!). It went well and they were thrilled. The use of gifts had indeed been a motivator. I was excited when I got back and hoped it would be different this time.

It wasn't.

Today, for the second time in my life, I cleaned poop out of my daughter's panties. But this time was a little more nasty. Once deposited in the grown up toilet, the poop managed to lodge itself and clog the whole thing. Right after having a go at plunging and attacking it with a metal coat hanger, I came out of the bathroom to find the babe standing in the living room peeing all over the floor. Nice.

So, we are obviously having some control issues here. She can do this whole thing when it suits her. She knows the deal. She can even recite the potty training books we have. But she just doesn't want to give in. The clock is ticking and September 2nd is around the corner.

Do schools send kids home if they aren't at the "80%" potty trained level they have requested? I guess I may be finding out.


Anonymous said...

I know it wasn't funny for you, Christine, but I am crying from laughing so hard here!! Easy for me who hasn't done more than show John a potty! I am dreading it as he is extremely stubborn and reminds me a lot of your babe! I agree that she will do it when she is good and ready and not a minute sooner. My SIL worked on potty training for months, gave up and then one day my neice did her own training and was fully training in 3 days..this was a week before her third birthday. I am reading and learing from you! Thanks for the funny story!!! Enjoy Oh Canada!


Katy said...

My guess (hope) is that if she knows the drill, then she'll learn quickly to do right at school if she wants to stay there. I think peers are great teachers for kids that age.