Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Many Many Things

I just sat down with my hot lunch. It's almost 2:30 pm. I took a bite of my egg and bagel and opened up the computer.

"Mommy...I went poopy in my diaper."

I suppose I should be happy we're doing so well with the pee pee in the potty that I shouldn't complain about the fact that poop time has been moved to nap time when the babe is in a diaper. She has managed 2 poops in the potty in the past week...which isn't so bad I suppose. But hot lunch and poopy diaper don't go hand in hand.

I'm going to go bullet point to cover as much as I can:
  • My life now revolves around school. I am so excited about it. I am loving it. It's only been 4 days but I am so pro-preschool I can't even explain.
  • I can't get my timing right. I show up early for drop off and then show up early for pick up. I am so paranoid about being branded a "late parent" that I allot a ridiculous amount of time to make the very short trip. Yet I always feel as though I am running late. I suppose I will get this down to a fine science with time.
  • Last week I was having trouble sleeping. It was as if I was the one going to school. I would lie in bed at night with a kazillion school related thoughts running through my mind. I can't imagine how the babe feels as she's the one actually going to school for 3 hours a day!
  • Every time the phone rings, I am afraid it's the school calling to say the babe has had an allergic reaction. It has made me quite jumpy. I have also been asking the babe what she had at snack time and she has not been giving me much of an answer. She has also been chowing down a massive lunch after getting home from school. So on Friday I spoke with the head teacher who admitted she had been reading all the labels and being extremely cautious. It sounds like there were days when there was nothing for the babe other than juice (which she's not even used to drinking). So I offered to pack a snack for her every day. It looked as though a large heavy weight was immediately lifted off the teacher's shoulders. She agreed that was a great idea. I feel better. Head teacher feels better. And hopefully the babe feels better.
  • Every parent in my child's class now knows I am the one with the allergic kid. On the "back to school night" a week ago I informed everyone about the babe's allergies (after another parent brought up his daughter's nut allergy). We had quite a long discussion about birthday food for the class. I said I was happy to make something special for the babe to eat on those days. Another Mom mentioned a bakery that makes stuff to meet your allergy specifications. I informed everyone about my favorite "Cherrybrook Kitchen" mixes available at Whole Foods. Then someone suggested we just do fruit for birthdays. The head teacher finally indicated we should move on and a Mom sitting behind me made a unhappy snort noise indicating that she agreed. I think she felt the discussion was a waste of her time. For a second I felt like I was in high school (as in, not good). But some of the other Moms around me had already asked me a bunch of questions about how I'd discovered the babe's allergies, etc. So that had made me feel better about the amount of time we had spent discussing the issue. I'll admit we were all sitting on tiny wood chairs that were not designed for adult sized bottoms. It was also 8:15 pm. But I'm glad we talked it over...even though I'm not sure what the final decision was.
  • The babe has made it through 4 days of school with only one pee pee accident. AWESOME! The teacher even admitted they dropped the ball and had taken her to the playground outside the school without taking her to the potty first. That'll do it.
  • Germs. Little kids have lot of them. The babe had a snotty nose on Saturday and Sunday. The little guy got a snotty nose on Sunday and is still ill. We've had pretty rough nights with him the last 2 days. My husband felt off yesterday and is now complaining about a sore throat. I suppose we had better get used to the many diseases and yuckiness that we'll be exposed to now. I don't even want to talk about the swine flu.
  • And lastly, I was so tired last Thursday I tried to open my front door with the "unlock" button on my car keys. It didn't work...but wouldn't it have been cool if it had?

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Janet said...

Relax super mom! The only mistake you are making is not giving your self credit for the great job you are doing!