Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something Changed

A few months back I was miserable bringing the babe into school every morning. There was drama (the babe pitching fits), danger (insane DC drivers coming way to close to my kids at intersections), and theatrics (me having melt downs in front of the general public) almost every day. I broke. I started using the "rope line" 3 days a week. I just couldn't take it anymore. The process of finding street parking, hauling out the double stroller (or the single stroller for the little guy and risking it with the babe on foot), and walking across very busy rush hour streets was just too much for me.

I also found the new school rule of "no strollers on the second floor" (where the babe's classroom is located) to be another major pain in the posterior. I was being forced to carry my heavy diaper bag (not because of the diapers but because of my wallet, keys, phone, etc.), and the little guy, while holding the babe's hand. Luckily there is an elevator, but unluckily the babe has to hit the elevator button every time or else all hell breaks lose. Once upstairs, I walk her down the rather busy hall to help her hang her coat, while trying to control the little guy and not get run over by other kids/parents going through a similar experience. I then help her deposit her lunch in the assigned spot and drop her off at her classroom. Good byes and kisses follow (that part I like).

The babe was not such a fan of the rope line (a bunch of teachers stand at the corner near the school and you can do a drive by drop off where the kids all hang onto a rope and make their way to the school at 9:05 am). But it made my morning so much easier that it was worth the trouble of dealing with the babe whining that she didn't want to do the rope line. Although I must admit I felt quite guilty. It's not like I needed to make it to the office or something.

Recently though, something has changed. I stopped relying on the rope line so much and have started bringing the babe into school, unless I have an appointment. I guess I just made a decision that taking her into school is one of the things I should be trying harder to make work. I am a stay-at-home Mom and I can do this.

So I now resign myself to the fact that nothing about the experience will be fast or smooth. Parking will be a pain, the stroller will still be heavy and awkward, and lugging all that stuff and the kids around won't be a breeze. But there is a joy I get out of seeing the babe's big smile when she sees her teachers and friends. I can also tell it means a lot to her when I make my way into her school every day. I also love the big hug and kiss good bye. She is always happy when I leave her at her classroom door, and she is always unhappy when I leave her at the rope line. And I really want the babe to be happy.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a pain in the posterior, but once I resigned myself to the major hassle part of the experience, I got to start appreciating the joy part of the experience.

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