Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Updating

Guess I haven't been doing all that writing I had hoped I'd be doing. I suppose I have been uninspired, tired, distracted and/or just plain old busy.

We made it through spring break week. After that experience, I can honestly say I am much better dealing with only 1 child at a time for extended periods. I really enjoy one on one time with my kids, but when I have both of them for numerous hours, all my good intentions and proper mothering practices tend to disappear. I have grand ideas of how to relate to my kids in a positive and productive manner, and it all just turns into me trying to get make it to bed time. Sad, right? For instance, my good intentions for a relaxed and pleasant Sunday morning have turned into me caving and turning on "Diego" for the babe. Why is the TV such a wonderful thing? It is the only way to get her seated and quiet for more than a minute.

There have been some great little capsules of time, though. We did a very sweet little Easter egg hunt last weekend. Both kids loved it. The babe was grabbing eggs before the little guy, but it didn't seem to really phase him. The little guy would slowly make his way over to an egg only to have to babe swoop in and take the eggs out from under him. He'd just look at us and go "uh oh." That's one of his new expressions, which can be added to his list of" "Mama," "Papa," "Done," and "Yes."

Last week I was sitting with the babe in the bathroom (she had a yucky diarrhea thing going on), and she was asking me: "Mama, what are those stripes on your forehead?" I responded, "Those are called wrinkles, honey." She asked why I had so many of them on my face, and I told her it happens when we get older. I suppose I should be proud of my stripes.

The little guy is walking all over the place these days. He's a man on a mission and it is pretty cute. He continues to be my love bug, but has started to excerpt signs of independence. He is not afraid to whack at me if he doesn't like something. I am quickly realizing that the "baby days" are over and we are quickly entering toddler hood. It's been one month since we said good bye to our breastfeeding days, and both Mama and son are doing well with it.

I really just wanted to give a little update and say Hi to everyone. Hope life is good.


Janaina said...

Hi Christine!
I'm from Brazil and I just love to read your posts. I have a baby boy, he is now 14 months. I honestly intend to have my second one, but sincerily it seems to be really hard to have 2 children!

Puja said...

Stripes? My niece is pretty darn smart! I'm sorry I haven't been reading... what on earth have I been doing?!!! I miss you and wish so much we lived closer! Love you.