Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hair Elastics

I'm not sure what it is, but the little guy loves hair elastics (and we have hair elastics all over our house).  He has a thing for putting them over his wrist and pushing them up as far as they can go.  As he's normally in a T-Shirt, I only realize he has a band on his upper arm when I get him ready for bath or I'm lifting him and his shirt sleeve goes up.  He doesn't appear to be able to get it to the point where he is cutting off his circulation, which is good.  But it is a little strange, no?


Janaina said...

I'm back to Brazil!!
My days at D.C was amazing, but it was hotter than here.
It was the first time, since Nick was born, that I could be "me" again.
I visit a great restaurant from Louisiana, e one at Arlington Morton's, great places.
Now I'gonna read all the old posts!!!!
Take care

24-7 Mommy said...

Hi Janaina! Glad you enjoyed DC! I just met an Au Pair from Brazil at the park the other day. She said she knew a woman from Brazil who lives by Turtle Park and that her sister was just visiting. That would be crazy if it was you?! Glad you were able to be "you" again and that you're back with Nick now. I'm sure you missed him!