Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Been One Month (and a day)

Looks like I just took a break.  Yikes.  The more days that went by, the harder it was to log in and write.

I have been too afraid to look at my site meter stats, but the last time I looked it was pretty bleak.  Who could blame you?  I wouldn't bother checking in with 24-7 Mommy either!

But here I am.  In my new house.  Setting up our old routine.  And trying to keep things moving tickidy boom.  It has been a crazy few months but I finally feel like we are getting to where I wanted: the "new normal."

The babe and the little guy have adjusted quite well to our new home.  We have a few more night wake ups than we were used to, but I figure it will pass.  I am thrilled to walk in the door and am still in shock that it's our home.  I feel blessed.

I wanted to share a little story, since I'm here and all.  For the past 5 days I have been tearing apart the house in search of the Winnie the Pooh costume my daughter has worn for Halloween the past 2 years.  I desperately wanted the little guy to wear the same one as it's just so freakin' cute!  I was also looking for the baby cow costume both kids wore as wee youngsters to lend to a friend.  I knew these items were located somewhere, in some box or other, and was pretty determined to find them.

I apparently didn't give myself enough credit, because this morning, when I was about to break down and head to Target for Halloween stuff, I dug into a bin of "too big/new clothes for the future" and low and behold, guess what was in there?  A bag with 3 Halloween costumes and a Halloween themed orange size 4 shirt for the babe to wear to her class party on Friday.  Looking at the price tag, I apparently bought it last year after Halloween for the bargain price of $2!  I had also bought a race car driver costume for the little guy to use a few years down the road.  I appear to have shockingly been organized enough to put all of this stuff together in a "safe" place so I could find it easily. 

Now I realize that all those messy boxes I looked through were just trying to teach me a lesson.  And that lesson is that I need to continue on with my dream of having everything organized and in its place.  As a stay at home Mom, I am committed to making this dream a reality.  I dream big, don't I?

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