Monday, February 7, 2011

The Distractions of Life

Believe it or not, we actually had a good weekend!  Yes...the 4 of us, together (even though my husband had to work in our "home office" on both Saturday and Sunday).  It felt really good and I'm not sure what the secret ingredient to our success was, but whatever it was, I want more weekends like it.

It's funny we managed to pull it off as last week was pretty stressful.  By Friday night we were all fried.  Once we got the kids to bed and ate, my husband and I managed to switch the mood around by 9:30pm, and after that things got much better.

Haven't had much down time, but am excited to report that today I have dealt with the painters who are doing our basement (yay!), the floor guy who is going to cover up the concrete in the basement with flooring (yay!) and the HVAC guy who hopefully figured out why the thermostat isn't communicating with the furnace (yay!).  I've also had both kids at home as the babe didn't have school today. 

She wasn't feeling well for the first half of the day (possibly related to not feeling well and trying to wiggle into our bed all last night).  I guess the babe wouldn't have gone to school today anyway, so it kind of worked out (except for the fact that we had to miss the little guy's sports class, which is seriously unfortunate as he's literally been inside for days).

Another unfortunate thing is the amount of TV the kids have watched today as I deal with contractors and such, and the amount of paint fumes we are all currently inhaling.  I know they say low VOC is OK, but I'm feeling pretty raunchy having been trapped in here all day.  If it were spring, you can bet every window we own would be pumped open. 

Anyway, this is a pretty random post, but I wanted to get something up that wasn't about crazy drivers!  Hopefully I will have some good news for you later this week as both kids are undergoing "food challenges" at the allergist's office.  The little guy will be trying dairy (which he is still testing negative for and hasn't had in over a year) and the babe will be trying egg as her levels have apparently dropped enough that they think she may be OK with it.  Fingers crossed we can start marking things off our food allergy list!

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