Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

Guess who can eat eggs now?  EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE!!!!!

Guess who likes scrambled eggs?  NO ONE BUT ME!

I am seriously thrilled to announce that the babe passed her "egg challenge" yesterday.  We got started at 7am and were done by noon.  The babe ate a piece of french toast with maple syrup in small doses over a period of a few hours and then she was closely monitored for a few hours.  She loved it, and after I got over my nerves, I loved it.

Having spent 10 hours at the allergist's office since Wednesday, I can now officially say both kids have outgrown a food allergy.  I never thought the day would actually come, and I am still coming to terms with the fact that eggs will now be allowed into our baking, our meals, our flu shots, etc., etc. 

I offered to make the babe more french toast for brunch today but she claimed she wanted scrambled eggs.  So I whipped up a batch, and despite offering a lot of ketchup, the babe told me she doesn't like scrambled eggs.  Above is her place mat after brunch was complete.  I'm not sure she actually put any in her mouth or if she was too grossed out from looking at them.

Perhaps we just stick with eggs in baked items, pancakes, and french toast for now.  Regardless, it is one less thing to fear in life.  YAY!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I put crumbled bacon in the scramble egg mixture and the kiddies tend to like them better, or boiled eggs with crushed crackers and drizzle of olive oil. In any case, welcome french toasts! Yum!

Mamabeing said...

Yay, great news. What a relief for you, I'm sure. I have a friend who became allergic to eggs while pregnant, and just passed herself, a year and a half later. Eggs..mmmm

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Just in time for Easter too. J