Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Explosions

The little guy in on a roll.  The words are flowing out of his mouth so quickly it's like something in his brain has just clicked.  He is constantly trying to communicate verbally.  He is repeating words after us.  He is pointing at things and yelling their names: "big fish, truck, car."  Sometimes I'm not even sure where he learnt the words he's saying (like "tower" this morning).  I knew the day would come.  I knew I had to give him time.  And I knew he'd get this whole language thing down, eventually. 

The other day, while driving to the store, the little guy kept saying "I play park?" over and over.  I kept replying "We're going to buy air filters," over and over.  It became a bit of a game repeating our sentences back to each other.  But then he one upped me and he threw in a "Please?"  He has never said "please" without me asking him to.  In fact, it was the very first time that my son independently used the word "please" to try and get what he wants.  Honestly, I started laughing.  I told him that he, like his sister, would have to learn that saying "please" doesn't always get you what you want.  But it was just about the sweetest thing I'd ever heard and I wanted to pull the car over and give him joyous kisses.

I love the verbal explosion.  And I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear my little boy speak.

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