Thursday, March 10, 2011


My lovely son is now at an age where he will reply "OK" to me. 

I will be busy doing something and he will ask for another thing.  If I cannot meet his need I will give a brief explanation as to why he will have to wait, or I will tell him to "please wait a minute."

And for the past few weeks I have been hearing a sweet little "OK" as the response.  I have to say it melts my heart.  Just like when he started saying "sorry." 

He is beginning to understand that these are important words because they involve a true interaction with another human.  It's verbal communication and it's awesome. 

Honestly, it makes me feel like after 2 years of mostly talking at him, I am now speaking with him.  This is a critical development because babies don't do that, and now my little love bug does.

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Mamabeing said...

so sweet. I love it when Boodge says OK too.