Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Alarm

Sometimes I think that new ideas from my parenting class will never work in our home.  This isn't the best attitude because how do you really know unless you try, right?

So the other day, when it was almost time to leave the park, I asked the babe if it would help if I set the alarm on my phone to go off when it was time to go to the car.  I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I'd get as I only pulled this on her about 10 minutes before my desired departure time.  She looked at me from mid-swing and said "Sure, Mama." 

I fiddled around with the phone until I managed to set the alarm (it was my first time) and I let her choose the ringer sound (a Rooster crowing).  I told her it was now set to go off in 10 minutes and when it went off, we were going to have to listen to it.

I highly doubted she would pay any attention when it went off and I was fully expecting a battle over leaving.  When we were close to the 10 minutes I took the phone out of my pocket so the alarm would be heard loud and clear.  And off it went.  Cockadoodledoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at the babe, smiled and asked her what that meant.  She said "It's time to go, Mama."


When someone had suggested I set an alarm at the park during my parenting class this week, I had been laughing at the idea in my head.  "The babe will never fall for that," I thought.

Well guess who's laughing now?  Yep, still me.  I am hoping that I have discovered a new magic way to end our regular battles over leaving the park.  The alarm speaks for itself, and I am no longer the bad guy.

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