Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegas and Other Stories

There's been a lot going down around here lately.  Just wanted to share a few updates to keep everyone in the loop.

I don't usually advertise on the Internet when my husband is out of town, but last Thursday he took off for Las Vegas.  It was not a business trip, so it was a unique situation.  In the 4.5 years since the babe was born, my husband has rarely left our side, unless it was required for work.  To celebrate turning 40, my husband (who I should give a blogging nickname to) and a group of his best friends from high school decided to live it up in Vegas for 4 days.  He had my blessings and I really wanted him to have an awesome time.

That all said, I had forgotten what it can be like to be on my own with 2 kids for that long, especially when there is no school on the weekend to provide a bit of relief.  There were many highs and lows, and we survived the experience, including yet another power outage at an inconvenient time (is it ever convenient to lose your power?).  Needless to say, I was pretty psyched when he came back safe and sound.  The pressure of being solely responsible for 2 little lives was a tad much for me....combined with the standard lack of sleep.  But all in all, I am glad he went, because that man deserved a break from the madness. 

On Tuesday the babe turned 4.5 which is slightly mind boggling.  I used to celebrate every month of my kids lives and take a picture of them with a sign indicating how old they were.  I did take a lot of pictures of her on Tuesday, but she was holding a chocolate cupcake with a candle and a big grin on her face instead of a sign.  It is amazing how a cupcake and a candle can make everything seem so special.

Earlier in the day I had attended my last preschoolers parenting class.  I was extremely sad to see it end and will miss the 2 hours a week I used to spend learning about how to be a more patient and positive parent.  While I am still trying to put all I know in theory into practice, I am sure that all the time invested in these classes will somehow pay off in little ways I can't even see.  A few of us were weepy eyed at the end and it was really hard to say good bye to my amazing teachers and the lovely woman who watched the little guy while I was in class.  In fact he loves her so much that instead of calling her "Miss.Mary," he calls her "Aunt Mary."  I am not sure how long it will take him to realize that his regular Tuesday mornings with Aunt Mary have come to a close (they have been together every week since I started classes in February).  Anyway, if anyone reading this in the DC area wants to learn more about this amazing parenting program (Parent Encouragement Program), you can check them out online at

I also hosted my book club on our deck on Tuesday evening.  It was an awesome way to wrap up such a intense day.  We discussed Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda.  If you're looking for a good story that has a lot of motherhood and biracial family themes, this would be a solid pick.  You may recall I blathered on about loving my home a few months back, and I have to say it felt so good to have all the ladies form my old Street come over to my new home and hang out as the sun set and the sky turned pink.  The company and conversation were lovely. 

Anyway, apologies for being all over the place.  As much as this is a blog, I sometimes treat it like a journal.  In the end, it will be a great document of our life, so some blather along the way is OK by me.

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