Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Beach

It's official.  The kids and I leave for the beach in the morning.

I have a zillion things to cram into our car (which is not a mini van!).  I have a lot of sunscreen and many bathing suit options for the kids.  I have a silly amount of food ready to go (I'm not sure what we'll be able to track down that is allergy friendly in the little beach town we're staying).

After living in DC for 8 years, I am finally heading to the Delaware coast.  I have never taken the little guy to the ocean, and the babe hasn't visited the beach since our trip to North Carolina when she was a wee little 1.5 year old.  We're all ready to experience the beauty and power of the water and sand.

I am praying the 3 hour drive goes smoothly tomorrow.  I will not be able to pull off the road every time they need something or decide to have a melt down.  I am expecting the babe to really shift gears and hopefully rise to the occasion.  I know she gets how special this is, and I hope she realizes how much I need her cooperation.

All this said, I will be offline for at least the next week.  I look forward to sharing the highlights of our adventure with you.  But it will have to wait because as soon as we get back from the beach, we are heading to the airport to fly North.  I've managed to coordinate an exciting Canadian adventure to visit our people.  August is going to be quite something.  I can already feel it. 

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