Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let the Summer Begin

Ahhhhhhhh....summer.  Lazy days by the pool.  Chasing butterflies.  Playing in the splash park.  But wait.  It's about 100 degrees out there.  I'm not joking.

In less than an hour I am taking off to pick the babe up at school.  It is the last time I will be doing the 3:30 pm pick up until after Labour Day.  She gets off at noon tomorrow and then, as far as I'm concerned, summer really begins.  By summer, I mean having 2 kids at home all day in a heat wave.  Now that's what I'm talking about.

I have been trying to ignore that this day would come, but here it is. 

Luckily we have many exciting plans for August which include my first trip with both kids to the beach and a few weeks in lovely, hopefully cooler, Canada.

Am I scared?  Why yes, yes I am.  I don't know if I''ve mentioned it, but I think I'm a great hands on Mama when there's only 1 kid around.  I can easily do 1 on 1.  Bump that up to 2 and I start losing control of the situation pretty quickly.  My kids are just too much of a dynamic duo for me sometimes.  The old saying that you can't make everybody happy becomes exceedingly apparent once we've all spent a few hours together. 

I am officially calling on all my reserves of calm and patience and sending out vibes to the universe to help me through the next 6 weeks.  Things are going to change around here, and I'm going to embrace it, because what else can I do?

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