Friday, April 13, 2012

How Was Your Spring Break?

The past week I have fielded many questions about spring break.  The most popular question being, "how was your spring break?"  I have been smiling and responding, "long."  Depending on who I'm speaking to, they seem to either get it, or they don't. 

Lot of families take advantage of the 12 day chunk and travel.  We are not one of those families.  We were here, out of our routine, for 12 long days.  And that is why I have been responding the way I have.  Because 12 days with 2 little kids out of their routine is a long time, no matter how you slice it.  If that kind of thing doesn't phase you, than you are a better parent that I.

That said, we were lucky enough to get a spot for the babe at a very cool art camp at The Children's Art Studio that ran Monday through Friday.  She loved it and I loved that she had something to focus her endless energy on for a nice 5 day spread.

By this past Monday, I was, however, wondering why Easter Monday really needs to be a holiday.  It seems almost like cruel punishment to drag a break out like that.  So by Tuesday, we were all rearing to go and jumped back into our routines with gusto.

The babe was psyched to see her peeps at school (yay!).  The little guy was psyched to play with his nursery school buddies (yay!), and I served what will probably be my last co-op stint at his school (which made it easier to face since I wasn't exactly in the mood to play with 12 kids after having spent 12 days with my own 2 kids).

I don't think I will ever be the kind of Mom who enjoys things like spring and summer break, and I am OK with that.  One thing's for sure, it certainly makes you appreciate the value of your regular routine. 

And now that I have survived spring break, I can start stressing out about the summer.  Because summer, my friends, is just around the corner.    

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