Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ready For Those Lightning McQueen Undies?

The little guy has been making some progress on the toilet training front.  He will use the facilities a number of times a day, and sometimes he will use them without being prompted by a concerned parent.

As we drove home from picking up the babe at preschool yesterday, the little guy announced he had to go potty.  He had not pooped all day and I had been waiting for a blow out.  I was so excited I almost lost track of the fact I was driving the car.

Luckily we were close to home and I managed to get him on the toilet in time.  He spent the next 15 minutes doing his business while the babe and I clapped every time we heard a fart or a poop hitting the water of the toilet bowl.  We are clappers around here. 

My husband, good man that he is, has been taking the little guy to the potty first thing in the morning to help him get used to this daily ritual.  This morning the little guy's diaper was pretty dry and my husband felt it was time to try out the underwear.  After they did their potty thing, my husband put the little guy into his Lightning McQueen underpants.  My husband was pretty psyched and was feeling as if we had turned some sort of potty training corner. 

He suggested we send the little guy to school in underpants.  While I appreciated my husband's enthusiasm, I did not want to put my son's teachers or a co-oping parent through the "accident" scenario.  I put my foot down and said that the little guy was just not ready.  I believe in my kid, but I have been down this potty training path before, and I am all too aware of the harsh realities of mastering bladder control.

So we agreed he could hang out in the underpants until it was time to leave for school.  As I was making the babe's lunch downstairs, I heard my husband call out, "honey, he peed on the comforter."  I am not into saying "I told you so," but come on now, honey, I told you so (and thanks for admitting you were wrong about that one)! 

As I write, my comforter cover is in the dryer and my comforter is in the washing machine.  I support progress.  But I don't support my son wearing underpants while hanging out in my bed.  So is the little guy ready for those fancy Lightning McQueen undies?  Not so much.  Not. So. Much.

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