Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Tunes

My friend just passed this link along. If you're looking for some very fun children's music, check out NPR's Best CDs of 2007: The Year in Music for Kids. You can listen to one song per album which gives you a nice taste of what you can expect if you were to purchase the whole thing. There are some great melodies and hilarious lyrics. You have to hand it to these people! Good songs about poop are hard to find.


Anonymous said...

I'm memorizing that poop song. All of the CD's are available in I Tunes so you can sample all the songs, or buy individual songs as well. I blew my $25 gift card on music for the girl (that I can rock to!). Isabel:o)

Anonymous said...

I love NPR. Isn't it great. Tell your friends to buy advertising/underwriting on the station. :-)