Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Perfect Storm

It's fever and infection week at our house. The babe woke up with a temperature of 103.5 this morning. The doctor's office wasn't open yet so I called the ER number I got the other night (see my last post). They said they weren't busy and we could bring her in. He didn't sound as if it was absolutely necessary for us to rush. We decided to wait an hour until the pediatrician's office opened.

We gave the babe some Tylenol and after 45 minutes her temperature was down to 101.8. That's improvement. I got through to the doctor's office and they said we should come in at 11:30 am. Excellent.

The office was filled with sick kids and some sick parents (hopefully we didn't pick up anything new). Eventually we were the only ones left in the waiting room (it was lunch time), and the babe decided it was time to walk around, play, and explore. That's a good sign, I thought to myself. She hasn't been so active or cheery of late. Nor has she been eating, drinking or sleeping much for that matter.

After yet another check up, the babe was diagnosed with:
  • ear infection
  • eye infection
  • upper respiratory infection

I was aware of two out of the three things so I wasn't shocked. We also have the additional issue of teething. The babe has 3 teeth coming in right now. As my husband said, it's the perfect storm.

We've got her on eye ointment (three times a day), antibiotics (every 12 hours) and Tylenol (every four to six hours). Hopefully things will settle down and we can all feel better. It's been one helluva week.

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