Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Love the Waterpic

Why didn't we do this before? On Tuesday, I went on a big Costco trip and finally invested in a new fancy shower head. The babe hates having her hair washed and our rinse with 2 bucket system was making things much worse than they needed to be. She would literally scream as if we were torturing her. In fact, she'd recently started flailing around at such a dangerous level I thought she was going to knock herself out on the side of the tub. We don't want that.

So, even though the landlords may not be happy that we've ditched their water saving shower head, we purchased a lovely Waterpic shower head that has a nice long cord that we can bring down to the babe's level to rinse her with. It even has six different settings which is awesome fun. The mist setting seems to sit well with her.

Last night we had the inaugural hair washing experience. We were not sure what to expect, but I tell ya, it was a pretty good time (comparatively speaking) for all involved. The babe did not lose her marbles and I didn't start freaking out that we were going to end up in ER with a head concussion. There was fussing and some unhappiness, but I think it was mostly just confusion over the new shower head spraying her down.

The added bonus is that my husband and I are in complete and utter love with our new showering experience. It will now be impossible to have a "quick" shower because it's way too much fun standing under the beautiful spray. As the shower is pretty much my only alone time, I'm glad we've committed to a better washing experience.

I also think things will be looking up with the babe's hair cleanliness. I will not dread hair washing night and the babe will be more pleasant for the overall bathing experience. Well worth $44.00!!

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