Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diaper Rash Blues

The babe has some serious diaper rash. When her diaper is dirty, she's in pain. I've never seen it this bad. Yikes.

This morning she had a dirty diaper (of the number two variety), so I rinsed out some wipes in luke warm water and cleaned her up. I'd read that letting the babe's tush air dry is really helpful (only for the adventurous parent, of course). I thought I was up for it. So I snaped the babe's onesie back up and we headed downstairs. It took only five minutes before I had a fresh circle of pee on my kitchen carpet. Guess I learnt my lesson.

Please feel free to share your diaper rash remedies with me!


Anonymous said...

Hey you, my girls both got really bad nappy rash from time to time. Make sure the skin is not broken because sometimes you need to get special creams from the doctor to fight fungal probs or infections. When she has it, don't use commercial wipes, they just sting, use cools wet face washers. If you were in Australia, I could give you the name of a really good nappy cream, super thick, gooey stuff like tar but works a treat.

Good luck, it is the worst. And try again with the nappy off, it really is the best.

X Catherine

Anonymous said...

My 7-month old daughter (my third girl!) has allergies too and is prone to serious diaper rash - Triple Paste is the only cream that works for her. Good luck!