Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sacred Nap

The babe is on a one nap a day schedule. Only problem is, there doesn't seem to be much of a schedule these days. As we have been going to so many appointments and have two classes a week, it's been very hard to be consistent with the timing of the precious nap. I have sat in the car in parking lots and in our parking spot for a few hours this week trying to ensure the babe gets her daytime zzzs (I'm all caught up on my Time magazine reading).

I'll admit I wasn't in the mood to sit in the car yesterday afternoon while she slept. So I made sure she was all cozy, locked the door and went into the kitchen to clean up and make myself some quick lunch. Our parking spot is right outside the kitchen and we have a few big windows and a glass door so I can see her constantly. I'll admit it is a little sketchy. But she clocked an hour and a half and I was happy I wasn't stuck in the drivers seat with out of date magazines as my only form of entertainment.

We had nothing on the agenda today so the babe was able to nap at home. Only problem was that she wasn't willing to fall asleep. So after a few attempts of trying to get her to nod off, I gave up and did the "hold the screaming child down" method. Not sure if anyone else does this one? It's not pretty, but it sure is effective. After about seven minutes she was so exhausted from crying and fighting me that she conked out (I am, after all, much bigger and stronger). I'm not a fan of this method...but sometimes it's necessary. Especially for a kid who can't be left in her crib awake (I tried this a month ago and she cried for an hour straight before I broke down and gave in).

I've attached a photo of the crib as it looked before she was born. Little did I know how hard it would be to get her in it for nice chunks of time.

I'll have to work on setting a "usual" time (at home) and sticking to it. Sleep is a dangerous thing to mess with.

PS-I am still having spell check issues...

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Anonymous said...

The nap really is sacred! I am reading the No-Cry Sleep Solution and learning that John's poor napping contributes to his very frequent night wakings. Wish I had read this book when I was pregnant! I have started some bad habits that will be hard to break!
We shall, however, endure.