Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Beach

I made a lot of promises to the babe last week as we played in the dirty sand box at one of our local graffiti covered parks. I told her all about the beautiful beach she'd be visiting in a few days. I told her about the silky sand she could make castles with. I promised it would blow her mind.

On Sunday morning, I packed the babe (and a ridiculous amount of supplies) in the car and drove for close to 6 hours (in the rain). I passed flipped over cars and drove through some pretty serious weather. Luckily we picked up my outlet shopping Mom about half way along and she was able to entertain the babe until we pulled up to the beach house. I had to peel my fingers of the steering wheel and take a deep breath when we arrived.

We are now at the beach in Rodanthe, North Carolina with my parents, aunt and uncle and their friends from Toronto. This was meant to be the babe's first beach vacation. A week in the sand and sun. But it looks like I brought the crappy weather from DC down to NC. It has been raining since we got here (except for a pocket of blue sky here and there). I have taken the babe to the beach in front of the house once. She got to play with her new plastic toys for about half an hour before we had to run in when more rain started to come down on us.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and we plan on spending the day at the beach. We are staying on the "sound" and are a 10 minute walk from the ocean. I can't wait for the babe to see it. For that matter, I can't wait to see it myself.

Despite all the bad weather, it has been amazing to have 6 grandparents around to help entertain the babe. She loves the attention (and poker chips apparently) and I don't know how she'll ever survive being at home alone with me again. Hopefully the weather won't follow me back to DC.

Actually, as I look out the window, I see some blue sky and a little sun struggling to come out. Fingers crossed it will stay for more than a minute.

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