Saturday, April 12, 2008


I read in the Modern Girls Guide to Motherhood (by Jane Buckingham) that you should purchase curtains that do not block out the sun for your nursery. I trusted this advice and bought some boring, non-baby oriented, cream coloured curtains (I am not a decorator). I think the logic behind the theory is that it helps your child understand the difference between daytime and night time sleeping.

So far, this advice has not turned out so great for me. I have a black fleece blanket hanging over half the window (in front of the babe's crib). Very stylish. The other half is bright 24/7 as there are some pretty darn powerful street lights in front of our place. Hopefully she enjoys the orange glow. In terms of daytime sleeping, she's got to be pretty tired to fall asleep easily in there.

I think that we had it right when we chose dark navy curtains for our bedroom. Maybe that's why she likes it in there so much more than in her own room.

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