Thursday, April 10, 2008

New York, New York

It's one helluva town.

I finally did it. After an almost two year absence, I got on the train and headed up to see my dear friends in NYC. It was my first night away since the babe's birth (actually, since my last business trip in September 2006). It was also the babe's first night alone with her Papa. And you know what, after all the fretting on both sides, we all managed to come out the other end OK (notice the notes I left taped to the cupboard door).

I spent last week getting very excited and nervous about leaving. My husband was just anxious and nervous (no excitement). We didn't know how the babe would react to not seeing me for so long, or to having her father give her a bath and put her to bed. We all get in habits, I suppose. And we all have expectations about how things will be. Well the babe amazed us both by dealing with the separation just fine, thank you very much.

I fought back tears as I left and only started feeling happy about my departure when the train pulled out of Union Station. I had Van Morison's "Into the Mystic" cued up on the Ipod (I didn't remember how to use it as it had been so long) and off we went. I had a brilliant time from my 2 pm arrival at Penn Station to the close of a marvelous dinner at midnight. Then I started to want to head home for some snuggles. But those ten hours were bliss. My activities included lunch (and Junior's Cheesecake) with my sweet friend and hostess in Bryant Park (first photo), walking up Madison Avenue (a picture of Rockefeller Center above), walking through Central Park (heaven), fancy wine (thanks, A), and an amazing dinner at Cafe de Bruxelles in the West Village with seven of my best NYC buds. I have to say it, I love New York.

Sunday morning brought the longest train ride home ever. I was in the front door by 2:30 pm (there was no casual brunching in NYC). After rushing from Union Station, I was amazed to see that both my husband and the babe seemed fact, they seemed happy! The babe wasn't even mad at me. That first hug was so yummy and I can't explain how happy I was to have her back in my arms.

It was an important step for all of us. Now we know it's possible. Mommy can leave and the world won't fall apart. Daddy can take care of the babe for extended periods of time. And the babe can be with Daddy for overnighters (she was up for a few hours in the middle of the night, but that can happen any day).

I won't let so much time pass before I visit my favorite city and wonderful friends again.


Anonymous said...

and New York loves and misses you baby!!! It was great to see you and catch up and know that you were really enjoying your mussles and wine. The door is always open.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Christine! Great that it all worked out. I usually feel so light and am stunned by how easy life is when I can leave the kids at home. Everything is relative I guess. J in Swe