Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Back

Apparently all I had to do to make the sun shine in Cape Hatteras last week was write about it not shinning. As I logged off my Dad's very slow lap top last Wednesday, the sun came out and stayed out for the rest of our trip. We made our way over to the ocean and continued to do so every day until we left. It ended up being a sweet beach vacation with excellent company. I was only on the computer that one time, which was a nice break from the world.

The babe and I road tripped back in the sun on Saturday. We hit the road at 9:06 am and pulled into out parking spot in DC at about 4:10 pm. That included one stop at a shoe store in Nags Head (where I bought an awesome pair of Teva sandals for $30 off), one stop for lunch (Taco Bell for Mommy and grapes, bananas, milk and arrow root cookies for the babe), and lots of traffic outside the DC area. There was only one hour of screaming the whole trip which occured after we left our lunch break outside Richmond, VA. Crying fits make my kid sleep apparently, so it worked out for everyone. I'll take that any day over the insane weather I had driven through the week prior.

We're still adjusting to being back home. Just the two of us during the day is pretty lonely compared to what we got used to. Vacations have to end at some point I guess. Now I have to plan the next beach vacation. Because the babe loves the sand and collecting shells (as seen above)...and I just can't deny her those simple pleasures!

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