Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Losing It

A rainy Tuesday. Blah. One child standing next to me asking me to play/read/sing/talk with her and one child chowing down at the boob cafe.

So last night I washed my hair (which is newsworthy in and of itself). By the end of my shower I had collected the hugest wad of hair on the side of the tub. Gross...I know. Every time I thought the last clump had come out, another one followed. This continued out of the shower with the brushing and blow drying. It was just not pretty. I had forgotten how I lose my hair a few months after having a baby. Those are some weird hormonal side effects, no?

My daughter has just hit my son on the head. For the second time today.

The babe is in time out and it's not even 10am. It's apparently going to be that kind of day.

Good luck rainy day Mamas!

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