Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking Action

Next week the babe #2 (I need to think of new blogging names for these kids) will be 4 months old. Definitely not a newborn anymore. But aren't 4 month olds supposed to sleep well at night? All I can say is that I'm ready for some 6 hour sessions of shut eye. So after a particularly bad and blurry night, I broke down and bought some key items this morning:
  • Alimentum formula (the ridiculously expensive and hypoallergenic variety, just in case he's got the same food allergies as his big sis)
  • Rice Cereal
  • Oatmeal
He's a big boy and I don't think he's getting enough sustenance from my breast milk anymore. He wakes up every 3 hours to eat at night, and it's just not cool. After pumping only 3 ounces this morning, I have also decided that backing up with a little formula here and there won't be the end of the world. As I have a hair appointment on Saturday, I'd like to know that I can be gone for a few hours and the world will not end if there is not enough pumped milk in the fridge. I'm ready to move forward and I think he is too.

My son is also experiencing the same crazy dry itchy head his sister had. He's in the "no scratch" mittens a lot these days and I'm not happy about that (it makes for smelly hands). So I broke down and slathered on the same cream I had bought for the babe 2 years ago. This cream was about $125 when I bought it (I was desperate) and it worked relatively quickly. As there's a lot left in the tube, I decided to give it a go. Did I mention it expired a year ago and that it's a prescription item? If this makes me a bad mommy, then so be it. It's worth a try.

Taking action feels good.


Sheila Hageman said...

My son is 4 months old, too. We're planing on starting rice cereal tomorrow!

Katy said...

ugh honey,Ardan slept just like your guy for a looong time--he started easing up around 9 months old. I'm sorry you got one of those for your second's hard enough with only one. Your doc is right...but when you're sleep deprived how can you really know what feels right?