Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Getting Better All the Time

Training children to be adult-like is difficult. Between sleep training and potty training, my patience is being tested.

We are, however, making progress. Last night the little guy slept from 7:15 pm to 11 pm, woke to eat, slept till 3:30 am, woke to eat, then woke up at 7 am. Not bad, eh? The night prior he clocked from 7:45 pm to midnight and then woke at 5 am to eat again. I think we're getting the hang of this.

My crazy daughter, the babe, went poo poo on the potty for the second time in three nights (she also removed the potty seat and put it around her face thinking it was funny...ha ha ha). We let her stay in a poopy diaper for about half an hour so she could feel how gross it is. By the time we put her on the potty for round 2, she seemed to understand how yucky it is to poo in your diaper. We have to master the potty by September or no school for the babe. And that would make us both sad!

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