Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmagedon 2010

As you may have heard, we are snowed in. This has been a dumping of epic proportions and we have stuck in and close to the house since Friday night. We lost our internet and television service for 3 days and are now being hit again with a second "blizzard." But the streets have not been cleared from the first snow bonanza. This sure ain't Ottawa (as in, Ottawa would have the streets cleared!).

Being stuck in the house with 2 kids for this long has been interesting, to say the least. The rules are getting lax and the days seem to be so much longer than I thought possible. I miss preschool. I miss our routine.

The little guy is cruising all over the place and on Sunday crashed down hard onto a piece of furniture. He got a bluish bump on his head very quickly and I almost panicked...OK, I did panic. As we couldn't drive anywhere easily, my mind raced to the worst possible scenarios. After putting some ice on his forehead bump, I realized he was going to be fine and I could be grateful we were not in need of any emergency services.

The poor kid is teething and has some molar action going on in his little mouth. This has made him a tad miserable. We are also working on the weaning and both of us are finding it tough going. He is really not giving up without a fight and is proving to be quite the dedicated breastfeeder. I am having to stick to my guns and push the sippy cup of soy milk option. Weaning the babe was such a breeze compared to this.

Speaking of the babe, today she woke up with a double eye infection. Where in the world did this one come from? Luckily I had held onto the remains of our last bottle of Vigamox and was able to start her on the medicine immediately. I also was able to locate a prescription from last month which should tide us over (it was a back up in case the little guy caught his sister's last eye infection). My husband braved the metro and made his way to the office where he also was able to hit the pharmacy. Hopefully the babe's eyes will clear up soon, or else we have to find a way to get her downtown to the pediatrician which will be no easy feat as I'm not willing to drive.

Anyway...I'm too tired to get into much else. But I wanted to give you an update just in case we lose the internet again...or worse, our power. We have been blessed so far and I hope this next storm doesn't push us over the edge. DC (and our house) wasn't built for this kind of snow.

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