Friday, February 12, 2010

The Twighlight Zone

It has been one of the strangest weeks. Being unexpectedly stuck at home without a schedule or routine has been a shocker.

I will admit that I was making fun of people who were panicking last week. The grocery stores were packed, the hardware store ran out of salt, you could barely get into the grocery stores. "These DC lightweights," I thought to myself. I am proud of my Canadian roots and my ability to deal with some snow. Little did I understand what we were in for.

I have been to the grocery store once, on foot, with a backpack in the past week. It reminded me of my student days without a car, except I was carrying about 70 pounds of food and milk for my 4 person family instead of 30 bucks worth of food for just my starving student self.

Other than Safeway for groceries, I have been up and down our street, in our backyard, and in our front yard. We also managed to fit in the birthday party of a friend about 6 blocks away. The four of us traveled by foot, sled and backpack carrier, respectively.

This situation almost reminds me of those first few weeks after having a baby. Where you are so close to home all the time and even going to a grocery store is a big adventure and commitment. In fact, we actually know a couple who had a baby during this past week and I can't even imagine the craziness they have gone through.

I have to give my family credit. A week that could have been a nightmare went remarkably well. The babe has been behaving better than before the storm and the little guy has been toughing it out despite being gradually cut off the boob and dealing with his molars coming in.

I remain eternally grateful that we did not lose our power and kept safe and sound in our little house. I'm happy to report that the sun is shining out there and the snow is melting. Hopefully our very tall snowman will hang out for a while, though.

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